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Licensed Social Worker 

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I know that beginning therapy can definitely feel intimidating and challenging. My role is to walk alongside and support you while you navigate life’s challenges. During our work together you can expect an open, honest, conversation-style therapeutic experience filled with patience, kindness, and humor. My primary specialties are clients who are exploring and navigating personal purpose and meaning, difficult family dynamics, sexuality and gender identity, long-term, sudden, or complicated grief, self-esteem and body image struggles, and strategies to manage terminal or chronic mental and physical health diagnoses.

In treatment with clients, I promote radical self-acceptance, identifying personal strengths, and skills-building, and helping clients take gradual steps to achieve lasting change. I utilize humanistic approaches, namely existential and Gestalt-inspired treatments, and I encourage the exploration of philosophical concepts in our work together.

I am a highly empathetic, open, and nonjudgmental practitioner, and I will accept you for who you are while helping you do the same! I love to help people explore creative and cathartic outlets for difficult emotions using writing, art, music, drama, bibliotherapy, and mindfulness. I look forward to joining you on your journey of healing and self-discovery!


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